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EVERGREEN OIL (fir+juniper+spruce) - the forest in a bottle! A beautiful combination of tree cuttings known for their antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. Great for muscle and joint pains, breast massage, wound healing, grounding the spirit, and much more. Your whole body will love this blend!


  • anti-inflammatory herbs
  • wonderful support for muscle/joint pain & arthritis
  • promotes circulation
  • calming & grounding
  • great for breast massage
  • wound support - helps prevent infections
  • stimulating and warming
  • decrease vata and kapha, may aggravate pitta



  • skin supporting herbs

  • support for wounds, bruises, & sprains
  • energy cleansing and protection - like a shield
  • mild pain relief
  • great used as a face oil - helps assist with keeping skin balanced; acne and scar support
  • use for muscle spasms, menstrual and stomach cramps



  • nourishing for nervous system; calming & relaxing
  • promotes restful sleep - great for foot massage
  • skin supporting herbs; ally for skin inflammation
  • support for pain, muscle spasms, tension, arthritis,& other inflammatory conditions
  • soothing for bruises, varicose veins, insect bites, chafed skin, & more
  • assistance with stress, anxiety, & muscle soreness
  • lavender - herb to strengthen the mind and heart in stressful situations


Massaging any of these oils into your body stimulates the lymphatic system which provides support in cleansing the body (hello immune system support!), assists in relaxing and calming the nervous system, and supports your overall body/mind/spirit wellness. Incorporating body oiling into your daily practice also nourishes your self care routine and skin.


*Fluctuation, light, air, heat, and moisture will break down your oils. Store in stable conditions (temperature regulation, no direct sunlight, etc). If stored properly, herb-infused oils will have a shelf life of 1-2 years*

Herbal Body Oils

  • EVERGREEN: fir, juniper, and spruce cuttings**, extra virgin olive oil*, avocado oil*, trace amounts preservative & potentizing grape alcohol*

    SAGEBRUSH + YARROW: sagebrush leaves**, yarrow flowers & leaves**, extra virgin olive oil*, avocado oil*, trace amounts preservative & potentizing grape alcohol*

    CHAMOMILE + LAVENDER: chamomile***, lavender flowers***, extra virgin olive oil*, avocado oil*, trace amounts preservative & potentizing grape alcohol*

    *organic  **wild foraged ***Montana grown

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