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About A Thousand Leaves


Looking back at the origins of this company and how we got here, I am struck with awe about how it all came together.
It's like the universe had a plan for us all along and we were just here for the ride. Aaron and I were born and raised in Montana so we have many childhood memories of coming to Red Lodge to experience the Beartooth mountains. It wasn't until 2019, when I accepted my first teaching job in Roberts, MT (15 minutes from Red Lodge) that we had considered moving there. I taught in Roberts for two years; during this time I built up a jungle in my home of both house plants and a few medicinal ones including aloe vera (which came to me by fate). Because we lived so close to the mountains, we spent more and more time out there, observing, listening, learning. With all this exposure to the plants and trees, we became curious about them so we attended plant walks lead by other local herbalists and met others with a passion for plants and learning. I joined online courses about plants and herbal medicine preparations and then began a year long mentorship with a local herbalist. Everything spiraled from there! Often I say, "the plants called and we listened." Never did I imagine I would leave teaching after two years to pursue a path in herbalism, health, and nutrition. I am grateful to be here. So here we are! A Thousand Leaves was established in 2021. We listen to plants, talk to them, respect and have a relationship with them. We are consistently learning and always willing to share with others. We are of service to this Earth, to the plants, to our fellow humans. I am humbled and equally excited to follow this path. Thank you for reading our story!

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